SUPACROSS - SINGAPORE'S 1ST WORLD OF SUPAHEROES UNIVERSE! - Singapore has superheroes and supervillains! NOE is the first local publisher to take this genre to the world with this bright, all ages powered up concept.
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WORLD ESCAPIST FANTASY FROM THE STUDIOS OF NOE - a close relationship with the Association of Comic Artists (Singapore) has brought forth works of great creative quality. including titles that have been extensively distributed throughout the US.
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A SUPER SAVIOUR - Pushing any genre to its limits is a major focus of most publishers of original IP.
Creator Jerry Hinds published Singapore's first all colour USA format comicbook and later saw the concept developed for handphone gaming.
VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE - Anthologies are an ideal way to showcase new talent and their creations.
Partnering with various foreign and local government partners, Jerry Hinds published from his Singapore office a range of varied anthologies.
THE WEIRD AND THE WONDERFUL - Strange tales of horror and science are forever at the forefront.
Ghostly anthologies and standalone extraordianary manga by creators like JDC Amane ensure the unexpected always be explored.
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